Friday, November 16, 2007

November Publishing Promotion: Xlibris has 3 of them!

Xlibris self publishing company just uploaded a new offer on their website which says that they're making sure your Christmas wish list comes true this November. Choose from three great deals and make all your yuletide dreams come true.

Give the perfect Christmas gift to that special someone this year.
Complete with a FREE Holiday Gift Certificate with 50 free holiday cards to whomever you choose.

That's quite a lot of offers don't you think?
  • So you can either publish 2 books for the price of 1 - which is cool if you've got 2 book but not necessarily useful if you've only got 1
  • You can get dollar discounts, which I guess would be what they would offer people with just 1 book
  • Upgrade? What is that? So you get 1 package with super-sized french fries? Maybe better services from that particular publishing package perhaps?
Guess I'll just have to call to find out. Getting confused

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