Saturday, May 31, 2008

Unorthodox Book Marketing, Tung Desem Waringin To Throw Away 100 Million Rupiah To Market Book

Some guy will throw away more than ten thousand US dollars out of an airplane this Sunday as his way of promoting his new book. I'm all for it, giving away free stuff is always a good way to promote yourself. Take a look at politicians!

Tung Desem Waringin, author and motivational speaker will be throwing 100 million rupiah ($10,740) from an airplane on Sunday as part of a marketing ploy for his second book according to a Reuters article.

A spokesman for the organizers, Diki Sidik, said Jakarta police had refused to issue a permit for the event but Tung would go ahead with the plan outside the capital.

"Rather than spend a lot of money for unsuccessful marketing, better give the money to the people," Sidik said.

The first time around, apparently this author rode around in a horse. It was said that he sold 10,091 books that day in Indonesia with the amount of publicity he got, he also reached out to companies. That's one aggressive guy. Most people just pay someone else to do their book marketing. Looks like he went the extra mile

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Xlibris Book Pubilshing Promotion - Memorial Day Special, Up To 250 Free Books

Xlibris has opted for a more somber look to commemorate Memorial Day. The Xlibris Memorial Day offer ends on May 23rd. They're giving away up to 250 free books and $13,000 in savings with a second book (I think that means it's free - the second book is free I guess)

There's also a special offer if you've only got 1 book to publish, and that's a 25% discount off the publishing package for that one book

iUniverse Publishing Promotion - Up To 60 Free Books

With a spring motif, iUniverse is offering free paperback books when you publish
Promotion Description: Code:*

Receive 60 FREE paperbacks with every Premier Pro Publishing Package purchase.
(40 Bonus copies plus 20 included with the package.)


Receive 40 FREE paperbacks with every Premier Publishing Package purchase.
(30 Bonus copies plus 10 included with the package.)


Receive 25 FREE paperbacks with every Select Publishing Package purchase.
(20 Bonus copies plus 5 included with the package.)


Taking Inspiration From Best-Selling French Author - Marc Levy's Humble Beginnings

Taking inspiration from the story of self-exiled French author Marc Levy, who has sold 15 million copies in 39 languages.

Marc Levy started out as a businessman, but with the birth of a son in 1989, he composed little stories for the boy until the child decided, at age nine, "television is better".

"I missed the writing," he said, so started a manuscript called "If Only It Were True".

His sister persuaded him to submit it to Laffont which replied in less than eight days. And "we are at three, four million copies today," said Levy.

In what sounds like a concession to his critics, he says "it was the best-selling book in 2000, but it was not the best. I was lucky. I was there at the right time, with the right story, in the right place."

In 2005, Spielberg's DreamWorks spotted the novel and transformed it into a US box office hit, the romantic comedy "Just Like Heaven".

Although still abhorred by French critics for his "commercial" work and love for Britons, he has remained one of the most popular authors in France.

Now if only some of us could be as lucky.

From Agence France Presse via ABS-CBN News

Friday, May 2, 2008

FREE Comic Book Day This Saturday In Dallas!

Each year, every major publisher puts out one or two issues specifically to be given away in comic book shops. This year's Free Comic Book Day will be Saturday, join the fun in the fourth annual Comics and Pop-Culture Expo, which is being held at Craddock Park near Zeus Toys & Comics on Lemmon Avenue, Dallas.

The Comics and Pop-Culture Expo will be from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday at Zeus Toys & Comics, 4411 Lemmon Ave., and at Craddock Park, just north of Zeus on Lemmon. Free. Guests include Wonder Woman writer Gail Simone, Marvel Zombies writer Robert Kirkman, World War Hulk writer Greg Pak and Wolverine: Origins writer Daniel Way. Info at

via Dallas News

Authorhouse Publishing Promotion - Dollar Savings and Free Books

Authorhouse also joined the publishing promotion escapade with their own dollar savings and free books special this month. They don't have a theme going on but they're pushing online book submissions it seems.

Xlibris Publishing Promotion - Publish 2 Book For The Price Of One

Well Xlibris also has the whole Mother's Day thing going on. Their offer is their 2 for 1 special where you get 2 publishing packages but have to pay for only 1 of them. As a mother's day special they're also giving away free books

  • Poetry, Basic or Professional – additional 5 FREE BOOKS
  • Custom or Premium – additional 10 FREE BOOKS
  • Executive or Platinum – additional 25 FREE BOOKS

iUniverse Publishing Promotion - Dollar Savings To Make Mom Proud?

iUniverse is taking the Mother's Day theme with their promotion this May. I don't really understand how the dollar savings will make mom proud. The book being published might though

Promotion Description: Code:*

Save $200 off the regular price of a Premier Pro Publishing Package. $1,299 NOW ONLY $1,099


Save $150 off the regular price price of a Premier Publishing Package. $899 NOW ONLY $749


Save $100 off the regular price of a Select Publishing Package. $599 NOW ONLY $499