Thursday, November 1, 2007

November Book Publishing Promotion: Xlibris

I've heard about Xlibris being a print on demand services provider, but associates itself to Random House Ventures. Basically standing out as a self publishing company.

Xlibris Publishing Promotion for November includes a free publishing package - like a buy one take one deal applicable to black and white as well as their full color publishing packages.

If you don't like to take this though, they have an alternative - a dollar discount of about 20% off. This makes sense I guess. I don't even have my first book ready yet, but might be a good deal for writers who are thinking about publishing sequels to their book.

Xlibris sounds much more affordable now but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that some kind-hearted agent will pick up my book. But I guess the option to self publish is always there (when I get the money).

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