Saturday, September 27, 2008

Authorhouse Gives Away Your Age In Free Books

A promotion that was developed during the AARP’s Life@50+ Conference has led Authorhouse to start giving away free books that equal the number of candles on their birthday cake. That's quite nice.

More mature people who are now retiring and/or are experiencing "empty nests" so to speak want to publish a book as they reach the sunset of their lives. More personal dreams of documenting success and/or just relishing the memories come closer to view I guess when we get to that certain age. Publishing isn't a financial issue or even a professional issue but more a personal aspiration that people want to leave behind.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Xlibris Offers Wannabe Authors The Opportunity To Get Published Before Christmas

Xlibris, the self publishing services provider is having a limited publishing services offer that will allow writers to get published within the year. The email promotion I got mentioned that it will be available to the first 50 authors that will sign up this month.

The idea here being that you will have your book ready for sale in time for the holidays.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lauren Conrad Of "The Hills" Signs 3-Book Deal With Harper Collins!

"The Hills" star Lauren Conrad Soon To Be A Published Author Of Not 1, Not 2 But THREE Books.

For writers like me who just dream of getting published, that is just OUCH! Come on! Okay she might be good. But you have to admit, people are billing mostly on star power and not much else.

22-year-old reality TV star for "The Hills" has signed up with Harper Collins for a series of young adult fiction novels - sounds a lot like Stephenie Meyer don't you think?

The book will be entitled "L.A. Candy." The book will revolve around transition from regular gal to recognizable face. To be more specific the book will tell of the behind-the-scenes story of a young girl who moves to L.A. and unexpectedly becomes the star of a reality-television show. Hmmm.... autobiographical much?

You can tell I'm not so in to this book don't you? Can you blame me? I am green with envy so I may be way off and overly stereotypical, but really does she look like a writer to you? Anyway the book's first installment is due next summer

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Xlibris Labor Day Publishing Promotion - Get Published By Christmas And 2 For The Price Of 1

Xlibris celebrates Labor day by giving out a free publishing package for each manuscript you publish. A buy 1 take 1 promotion so to speak. They also have this nice incentive that allows you to complete the entire publishing process by Christmas. Their publishing packages include:

Advantage - Only $299
Streamlined and practical. Perfect for books with simple design requirements

Basic – $499, 2 for 1 or save $75
An economical service with multiple design options.

Professional – $899, 2 for 1 or save $135
Interior customization and graphics with hardback availability.

Custom – $1,599, 2 for 1 or save $240
Have total control over complex design and text formatting.

Premium – $2,999, 2 for 1 or save $450
A full-service package with an extensive marketing campaign.

Executive – $5,999, 2 for 1 or save $900
VIP service, full customization and up to 125 books.

Platinum – $12,999, 2 for 1 or save $1,950
An incomparable assortment of publishing, marketing, and editing services that will cater to your every need.

iUniverse Back To School September Publishing Promotion

Simply put, iUniverse is giving away free books this first half of September when you publish your book with them.

Promotion Description: Code*

Receive 60 FREE** paperbacks with every Premier Pro Publishing Package purchase. (40 Bonus copies plus 20 included with the package.)


Receive 30 FREE** paperbacks with every Premier Publishing Package purchase. (20 Bonus copies plus 10 included with the package.)


Receive 15 FREE** paperbacks with every Select Publishing Package purchase. (10 Bonus copies plus 5 included with the package.)