Sunday, November 25, 2007

Authorhouse Publishing Guide in HTML

I requested a publishing guide from Authorhouse. Expecting to get a large PDF file like I usually get from other self publishing companies, it was a welcome surprise that I got theirs in HTML. It's like a separate part of their website. And believe me the Authorhouse website annoys me to no end as it is - no prices and other important details.

But here's the HTML publishing guide from Authorhouse I'm talking about. Appreciate for yourself.


With AuthorHouse, you’re in control of the publishing process, plus you have on-going, personal support when you need it. Through our AuthorCentric publishing process, you:

  • Drive the design and layout of the book
  • Choose the promotional services that best fit your plans
  • Set the sale price and royalty amount for your book
  • Retain the rights to your work, so you profit from selling foreign or movie rights

We simply provide the services, advice and expertise you need to reach your goals. That means, with AuthorHouse, you get the book you want to market much faster and have the potential to earn a greater amount on each book sold.

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