Tuesday, November 20, 2007

AuthorHouse Launches 2 New Services For Self Published Authors

Just when I thought Xlibris had the upper hand with all their promotions going on, not to be outdone is Authorhouse who just purchased iUniverse I heard recently launched two new marketing services products for their self published authors.

Book Buyer’s Preview that allows book buyers, librarians and researchers across the globe to read a selection from the first chapter of your book. When book buyers access their ordering database, the preview will appear with your book’s ordering information to aid buyers in making a purchasing decision. This will be made available to trade databases including in Ingram Book Group and Baker & Taylor, the two largest book distributors in the world as well as post a preview of your book on the Barnes & Noble site BN.com as well as Buy.com

Media Interview Connection that puts you, your book and your credentials in front of 75,000 journalists across the country. This sounds pretty much like a press release I think, only that they arrive in the form of alerts.

These all sound really nice. But I wonder how I go about getting them. I was on their site all day today trying to figure it out. What I understand is I have to pay for them, but I can't see anywhere how much they cost. They have got to make their website a lot friendlier. I'm wondering are these part of their publishing package now? Or are they add-ons? My goodness if they don't state the price though, makes me think they might be pretty darn expensive.

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