Saturday, January 26, 2008

Xlibris $999 Complete Publishing Package?

The Xlibris promotion for January has remained the same with service upgrades but Xlibris just unveiled a new package so it seems?

A $999 publishing package that's said to be available only until January 31. I've looked at it and the product itself looks pretty solid to me. Includes some features that are typically not found in a book publishing package that would be below a grand these days. View more detail on the specs of the book publishing package of what they call their All Inclusive Publishing Package For $999

The descriptive page itself looks like it was outsourced. You'd be surprised at how different the color scheme is from the typical Xlibris. But who knows these days with self publishing companies like iUniverse moving in with Authorhouse, maybe Xlibris is looking to partner as well.

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