Sunday, January 27, 2008

Would You Consider On-Demand Reverse Publishing?

Here's a twist on self publishing and book publishing in general - Sharedbook (according to this press release is also in partner with Random House Inc. - much like Xlibris? Possibly a new partner?) is set to offer. According to their website

SharedBook is a technology company that has created an on demand, reverse publishing platform that allows users to extract data and content from multiple sources, manipulate it, then distribute their unique new creation online or off.

SharedBook offers individual users and website owners a way to collect, build upon and publish their photos, stories and data (collectively referred to as 'content') from multiple sources into a structured book product that can be virally relayed or professionally printed into a physical book. It provides users with a way to extract content on the web and to combine it with other content sources in a completely personalized way.

SharedBook specializes in integrating complex structured data from various web and intranet sources into a shared space, where it can be published in various forms both online and offline. The data can be retrieved in a secured and consistent manner from an XML feed (synchronously or asynchronously for perceived performance), or pushed. One of the unique aspects of this data integration involves mapping the data into a rich data model that allows flexibility for clients, partners and users to collaboratively manipulate this hierarchical data in a client-supplied environment. This collaboration technology enables users to create a personalized, customized book, combining personal data with community data interwoven with the client's supplied content and other third party content, as appropriate.

I looked through their website and I think they're more into full color books for consumers although they also cater to business clients.

The deal I think they made with Random House is with regards to this 1 particular book that they are personalizing for consumers - for $25, consumers can add a custom dedication to the book and upload a personal photo to the front of the book. The book is then printed on-demand as a laminated hardcover and shipped. Amazon sells an un-customized version of The Poky Little Puppy for $4.99.

Apparently they also operate which is also a cool application that allows you to convert your blog into a book!

Anyway prices for Sharedbook starts at about $24.99 for paperbacks and $34.99 for hardbacks. This includes a full-color 20-page book and free domestic shipping. The consumer products include mostly picture books that are for pets, babies, photographs, arts and sports

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