Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Writing Process Survey From Authorhouse

I received this survey form from Authorhouse - the self publishing company. Thought I'd share it with fellow writers as it sort of helps a writer understand what are his/her plans for moving forward with your manuscript/ writing.

How many books have you written and published?
Written & published

If you have written books, but not had all of them published, why? (Check all that apply)

With whom did you publish your book(s)? (Please check all that apply)

When you contacted AuthorHouse most recently you were more than 3 months out from completion. As of right now, how far are you from manuscript completion?

What genre is the book you are writing?

Which method are you using to write your current book?

With regard to the book you are currently writing, are you (check all that apply):

If you are not currently working with another author, photographer, illustrator, editor or seeking review from a peer, which of the following is most accurate:

Do you ever permit people to (or solicit people to) read your manuscript prior to publishing for the purpose of gathering their feedback (not for editing, but rather for a ”what did you think” reaction)?

Once completed, how do you plan to promote your book?

Which of the following statements best describes your comfort level with technology? (Check the answer that best fits.)

Do you have access to the Internet from home?

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