Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Xlibris New Book Marketing Service Product - All About Search Marketing

Apparently Xlibris can win over Google with their new marketing services product for your book. Xlibris places ads on search results pages (SERPs) of Google for specific keywords that are related to your book.

The motive here is to drive visitors and would-be book buyers to your website or the bookstore that sells your book. The requirement here would be that you will need an online purchase location for your book. If you don't have one then this product will be rather useless to you.

Xlibris did not mention how much the product cost in their email - which must mean this might be expensive.

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cebu_rugby said...

Just checked it out on their new website. They do have some pretty pricey high end packages, but they start pretty low - at $99 for 50 clicks.