Friday, June 13, 2008

Christopher Ciccone, Spills On Madonna In His Tell-All Memoir, "Life With My Sister"

I believe in every endeavor, it is to your advantage to have an edge versus your competitors. I think Christopher Ciccone found that edge by using his sister - world's one and only Madonna, not only is she an actress, she's a singer, fashion icon - she's THE celebrity. It's unfortunate that he's about to tell the world what she's really like. It would have been nice to retain that same image of Madonna, specially at this stage of her career.

I think Madonna will weather a character attack, should that be present in Christopher Ciccone's book, "Life with my sister."

The publishing house, Simon & Schuster, has ordered a monster first printing of 350,000 copies of Life With My Sister, set to hit shelves July 15.

It will sell a lot I'm sure. Madonna advocates will want to see what he has to say and Madonna critics will be excited to learn about the dirty little secrets it may have against Madonna.

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