Saturday, May 17, 2008

Taking Inspiration From Best-Selling French Author - Marc Levy's Humble Beginnings

Taking inspiration from the story of self-exiled French author Marc Levy, who has sold 15 million copies in 39 languages.

Marc Levy started out as a businessman, but with the birth of a son in 1989, he composed little stories for the boy until the child decided, at age nine, "television is better".

"I missed the writing," he said, so started a manuscript called "If Only It Were True".

His sister persuaded him to submit it to Laffont which replied in less than eight days. And "we are at three, four million copies today," said Levy.

In what sounds like a concession to his critics, he says "it was the best-selling book in 2000, but it was not the best. I was lucky. I was there at the right time, with the right story, in the right place."

In 2005, Spielberg's DreamWorks spotted the novel and transformed it into a US box office hit, the romantic comedy "Just Like Heaven".

Although still abhorred by French critics for his "commercial" work and love for Britons, he has remained one of the most popular authors in France.

Now if only some of us could be as lucky.

From Agence France Presse via ABS-CBN News

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