Sunday, April 6, 2008

Xlibris Publishing Promotion: Upgrade Your Book Publishing Package Free

Bigger is better, and it doesn’t get much better than a free upsize on your publishing package. Go big this April, get more for your publishing dollar and give your book the upgrade it deserves.

Here are the details of Xlibris' Free Upgrade To The Next Service Level

Advantage - Streamlined and practical. Perfect for books with simple design requirements
$299 (special offer does not apply)

Poetry Publishing - Full customization options perfect for poetry
$799 (special offer does not apply)

Basic - An economical service with multiple design options
save $50 and publish for only $449 OR Save $400 with a free upgrade to the Professional Package, ONLY $499

Professional - Interior customization and graphics with hardback availability
Save $700 with a free upgrade to the Custom Package, ONLY $899

Custom - Have total control over complex design and text formatting
Save $1,400 with a free upgrade to the Premium Package, ONLY $1,599

Premium - A full-service package with an extensive marketing campaign
Save $3,000 with a free upgrade to the Executive Package, ONLY $2,999

Executive - VIP service, full customization and up to 125 books
Save $7,000 with a free upgrade to the Platinum Package, ONLY $5,999

Platinum - An incomparable assortment of publishing, marketing, and editing services to cater to your every need
Save $2,000 and become a Platinum author for ONLY $10,999

*Please note that additional books are not included in the free service upgrade

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