Saturday, April 12, 2008

Library Of Congress Adapts Digital Technology!

It's absolutely cool that even the Library of Congress has opted to adapt advancements in digital technology. In an age when people think technology will make books obsolete, it's nice to see them complimenting each other for a change.

The Library of Congress will launch an entirely new visitor experience. This innovative and educational experience will invite the public to explore the institution’s vast collections like never before. New interactive galleries will offer access to rare and unique items, including the rough draft of The Declaration of Independence, the Gutenberg Bible, the Waldseemüller map and volumes from Thomas Jefferson’s original library. To learn more, visit the New Library of Congress Experience Web site.

This Library of Congress Experience will offer “hands-on” interaction with rare cultural treasures in ways that inspire and engage.

Artifacts like the Waldseemüller map (the first to include the name “America”), the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence, the Gutenberg Bible and original volumes from Thomas Jefferson’s Library will be virtually at your fingertips. You’ll be able to flip through their pages, magnify sections of interest and access commentary from the Library’s top experts-all on the same touch screen.

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