Saturday, March 22, 2008

Message from Xlibris: Timing is Critical For a Successful Marketing Campaign

Xlibris just sent me this quaint little message about how to make a successful marketing campaign for my book

Timing is Critical For a Successful Marketing Campaign

The difference between a successful book and one that is never heard of is often a professional, well thought out marketing plan. With more than 175,000 new titles published last year in the United States alone, it is incredibly difficult to capture the attention of the reading public. Without a concentrated and organized effort to create positive word-of-mouth, the chances of having a high-selling book are almost zero.

The essential elements of a successful marketing campaign are timing and focus. Spring has traditionally been a strong season for book sales, the time is right for you to focus your marketing efforts and breathe life into your campaign. Xlibris has launched six comprehensive Spring Marketing Packages (at a 50% discount for March) to coincide with the season and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Add a great assortment of printed marketing materials to help your promotional effort and save even more in March.

Call 1-888-795-4274, ask to speak with your personal marketing consultant, and let them help you decide which is the best marketing approach for you and your book.

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