Tuesday, December 11, 2007

iUniverse Does A Lulu With Wordclay

iUniverse is pushing a DIY self publishing tool called Wordclay. It looks very similar to Lulu. It is online intensive. You do everything on their site. Very similar to Lulu in process. The colors look a bit off though so they don't really look like the same company but don't be fooled!

They're trying to promote a do-it-yourself process

DIY Self-Publishing Process

Step 1: Tell us about your book and select the book's size.

Step 2: Prepare and upload your manuscript.

Step 3: Design the cover for your book.

Step 4: Calculate the selling price for your new book.

Step 5: Compose book marketing information.

Step 6: Approve and publish your book.

If you want to learn more, visit them yourself at www.Wordclay.com. I have yet to take the time to do a thorough comparison between them but from a quick scan, I'd have to say that Blurb and Lulu have found worthy competition with this Authorhouse/ iUniverse combination.

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