Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I just found the Online book publishing review for 2008. A little early you think? I'm beginning to doubt the credibility of this book publishing top ten review site. Why you ask? There are some glaring facts here that just cannot be overlooked.

  • First of all, iUniverse and Authorhouse are both up at the top of this list. Although I do understand that iUniverse was number one last year, so that must probably be "home court" advantage? But it is such a coincidence that since they have both joined forces they are now side by side in a review as well? Hmmm....

  • Second of all if I considered pricing as one of the major factors in book publishing, which I do by the way, Fultus appears to be the most affordable choice of the group followed by Xlibris and then Virtual Bookworm Publishing. Next in this list would be iUniverse and Infinity Publishing

  • Third is that when I checked which of the publishing companies offer the most services inside their publishing packages, Llumina Press offers the most services in their packages as well as bookselling reach, followed by Virtual Bookworm Publishing, while Authorhouse has the most additional paid services.

So what in the publishing world is the criteria for judging here? There is absolutely no congruence as to their summary report versus individual reviews that always referred to their number one choice (which now appears dubious to me)

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