Friday, January 23, 2009

American Idol's Sanjaya - The Author?

You remember Sanjaya? That long haired guy who tried to make a play on American Idol some years ago? Well this time around, he wants to be an author. He wrote a tell-all book about himself, of course, which topic would a guy know more about than himself right? Autobiographies are just big these days.

Written with Alan Goldsher and centered around his time on the reality competition, the book includes everything from his “grueling” auditions to taking the stage in the “Idol” top 10.

Among the insider info is a look at how contestants make it to the judges’ table. Potential contestants go through three auditions before they ever get in front of the cameras. “Then they get on the show and they’re beat down,” Malakar said.

This might be interesting to those who like American Idol or that particular season of American Idol. All I can remember about the guy was that he had weird hairstyles, other than that he was rather unexciting so seeing how this book would turn out should be interesting.

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